This development creates a sustainable neighbourhood on a vacant site in South East London owned by Lewisham Council; a mixed community of different incomes and ages, a cross subsidised development including self-build social rented homes, shared ownership large houses for families who cannot afford to buy, co-housing flats for older people downsizing, shared affordable rent houses for young people who cannot afford market rents

The aim is to provide high quality, truly affordable homes which will require little or no energy to run and to create a sustainable community where there is opportunity to grow food and where waste and water is recycled, which provides space for community activity and which creates opportunities for education and training.

Residents have carried out some building work reducing building costs and thereby enabling high quality homes and sustainable development at affordable costs; a combination of economic, environmental and social sustainability that is seldom achieved.

Residents designed, fund-raised and built a community space which hosts the RUSS School of Community Led Housing and a number of local community groups.

The accommodation is arranged in two 4-storey buildings facing south with a green corridor along the river as required by The Environment Agency.

Jon Broome Architects Strategic Advisers from inception in 2009 to 2018.

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Co design session
Organization structure
Costs & income
Affordability – Housing costs vs household income
Site layout
access & decks to the south
view from deck
Self-built community space

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