Development of 14 innovatory, modular, low-cost, post-and-beam timber frame houses on 4 small sites too costly to develop conventionally completed in 1980 with Walter Segal.

Council provided the sites, paid for the design and materials, granted council mortgages for a 50% equity share discounted by a ‘labour allowance’ in recognition of the self-builder’s time inputs.

The scheme was open to anyone currently living in a council property or in private rented accommodation irrespective of age, income or skills. This was in contrast to the normal self-build groups at the time which were carefully selected for fitness and skills.

Each house was individually designed with the household.

Projects taken through from group formation and organization, funding, feasibility, site and house layout, detailed design, structural design, specification and scheduling of materials, cost control, programming, training and site management.

Walter’s Way, a second development of 13 houses was completed in 1985 but this time the design of the 3 bedroom detached houses were all similar. However, all the houses have now been extended, adapted and upgraded so that now it is very difficult to discern the original houses.

An annual street party with a sound stage has become a local fixture.

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Community Enterprise Award presented by Prince Charles in 1987
United Nations Year of Shelter for the Homeless Award presented by the Secretary General in New York in 1987