Sustainable Development Workshop Gaza

Inter-active workshop sponsored by UN Habitat & Westminster University following the war in 2009 bringing together universities, NGO’s, UN, private sector and Gaza Reconstruction Working Group.

Participants considered reconstruction in the context of extreme climate, limited building materials, shortage of land, scarce water and power resources and high pollution risk.

With Architects Nasser Golzari and Yara Sharif; Nick Grant, Water and Waste Engineer and Rowland Keable, Earth Building consultant.

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Study Tour of the Caribbean

Based on Jon’s experience of the region and in self-build and timber frame housing together with Rona Nicholson’s knowledge in housing the British Council sponsored this study tour reporting on a number of projects in the Caribbean & Central American region –

  • low-cost self-build timber frame housing in Belize and Guyana
  • ‘Sou Sou Lands’ self-financed, self-help housing, infrastructure and rural development in Trinidad and Tobago
  • self-help hurricane preparedness measures in low-cost housing in Jamaica.

Study tours of Community Led Housing in Europe

Studies of Baugruppen in Berlin and Freiburg, self-build in Amsterdam, Leiden,  Delft and Almeira and co-op developments in Zurich.