Passiv Haus expertise

Passiv Haus expertise

Jon Broome has achieved certification as a Passiv Haus Designer.

Jon Broome Architects have long practiced passive principles to achieve cost effective and robust ways of reducing energy use and other environmental impacts of homes.

These principles including a very well insulated building envelope with triple glazed windows, very airtight construction with whole house ventialtion with heat recovery and solar hot water have been applied to a number of social housing projects.

These projects were awarded the Gold Award by the Housing Corporation in 2007 and were Sustainable Social Housing Award winner 2010.

Jon Broome Architects are developing a number of new bespoke homes which are based on the Passiv Haus Planning Package, PHPP.

Jon Broome Architects attended the 2008 International Conference on Passive Houses in Nuremberg.

Jon Broome Architects are members of the PassivHaus Trust and International Passive House Association, iPHA.

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